Original documents

These two trials are included to give an idea of the general appearance of the original documents, although strictly speaking these are contemporary copies, held in the Bibliothèque municipale de Nancy.  That of Bastien Jean Viney can be found in the abstracts of trials as [352}, that of Jennon George as [353].  There is a brief reference to the case of Jennon George in The Witches of Lorraine, p. 155, note 4.  At the time of writing I had only seen the extract from the trial in AD Vosges, although the full documentation does not affect the general point made there.

Trial of Jennon, wife of Claudon George, from le Bonipaire de Sainte - Marguerite, 1599 and 1602

Trial of Bastien Jean Viney, of le ban Saint-Dié, 1611